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Milton Keynes Wedding Photography – Chrissy and Simon

Wedding photographers have a term for the guy who loiters around at a wedding with a massive SLR, usually getting in the way of the hired shooter – he’s Uncle Bob. As a rule of thumb, if I’m at a wedding socially, I tend to leave my gear out of sight until after the hired shooter has left. This time I couldn’t resist being Uncle Bob for a few minutes as Chrissy walked out of that church. We’ve been friends for so long she feels more like a sister to me. We’ve shared a lot of highs together and a lot of lows but when I saw her walking down the aisle looking so radiant she’d make an angel blush I felt so proud and happy I nearly cried. So forgive me this moment as Uncle Bob…

The hired shooter left during the first dance – Chrissy and Simon had got in a Ceilidh band. I LOVE shooting the dance – it’s partly why I just tend to offer to shoot for as long as I’m needed rather than clock watching and escaping as soon as possible. Why would you want to leave when you can capture moments like these?

Although one team of dancers had been judged to have done the racetrack dance better the first time around, their celebrations were a little premature as the judges felt like they needed to see it again to be sure!

Still they were up to the challenge and rightfully received their accolade .. even if the other team had been shall we say more creative?

Chrissy and Simon … here’s to a lifetime of happiness together! 🙂